Warlord Oda's Underlings

While under the employ of the Red Queen as Warden of the South, Warlord Oda has many underlings serving under him. Listed below are some of the more major “players”. Certain ones will have their own page because they are somewhat more significant and influential.

South’s End Barracks, Portal Town

Amber, the Pumpkin Witch


Administrator White Rabbit Stan
Stan is your run-of-the-mill ordinary white stumpy plumpy rabbit. Graduating 53 out of 75 in his class at the Rabbit’s School of Accounting and Administration, Stan decided to apply for a safe government job as a clerk. Year after year of not dying led him to a cushy job as the chief administration of The Knight Quixote… and now, Warlord Oda. Stan does he job… mediocre, but at the least it gets down. His motto, “if you stick out, you’re like a nail, someone will hammer you right on down.”

Master-of-Arms Hank the Hero
Hank the Hero was the sole non-commissioned survivor of the Battle at Green Dragon Hill, where the Knight Quixote was almost killed by the savage young green spawn of Sythynus, the Plague Dragon from the far west. As the sole survivor, Hank was promoted to Master-of-Arms, training all the new recruits on how to wield weapons proficiently, and more importantly, how to survive against dragons and overwhelming odds.

Elite Spearmaster Wicked (kobold)
Wicked was the sole surviving kobold of Warlord Oda’s original retinue. He fought bravely against his own kin at the Battle of Green Dragon Hill. Standing next to his master, Wicked fought bravely surviving attack after attack from the wicked spawn of Synthynus. In the end though, his brothers (and one sister) laid around him dead…poisoned by acid, or stomped on, or used as a shield by the more deserving humans… alas, as last kobold standing he was raised to a position of power and honor and dubbed, Elite Spearmaster. Wicked now serves as a personal guard to Warlord Oda whenever Oda is in Portal Town, otherwise he’s the chief sanitation engineer of the Portal Town trash heap.

Master-of-Ravens Short Tooth (kobold) with 2 Kobold Green Ravens
Short Tooth is a kobold assassin/spy, who was a personal henchmen serving under Warlord Oda. While the other kobolds fought bravely next to their master, Short Tooth along with his scouts would make sure no additional danger approached Warlord Oda…often killing off the local wildlife (like mice, cats, and even injuring a honey badger once…only once). These days Short Tooth and his two Ravens function as spies…and assassin of all things small and furry.

Quartermaster Dan
Quartermaster Dan was injured in the Emerald War a decade ago. With the rank of Lieutenant, he retired as far away as he could from combat and took up a post in Portal Town. Originally he tried joining the Merchant Marines, but because he has no legs (he rides around in a weird wheeled contraption) he was rejected. These days he just keeps count of all the gear and goods at the South End’s Barracks making sure the troops don’t steal more than what can easily be noticed on the books.

Stablemaster Steve
Steve grew up loving horses…uh, enough said.

Master of Artillery Quintus
Quintus is the sole survivor of Warlord Oda’s Artillery Squad. When the great green spawn of Sythynus smashed his battle brothers and their mightly artillery pieces up, Quintus was the only one found alive in the aftermath. Even though he hid, he was still quite a couragous act of bravery as no “minion” survives an acid breath from a young adult green dragon, but Quintus did. His smarts for survival elevated him to the Master of Artillery in the army of Warlord Oda.

Warlord Oda's Underlings

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