Ventures and Real Estate

Real Property
You may purchase property from any of the local cities. Cost may vary depending on the region of where the property is located. Tax is roughly 10% of your property, but it may be reduced or increased depending on circumstances.

Small Cottage – 1,000gp
This is like a studio, one room for everything… sleeping, cooking, whatever.

Small House – 3,000gp
1 bedroom house with a seperate room for kitchen and dining.

Medium House – 5,000gp-7,500gp
2-3 bedroom house with additional kitchen, dining area, and living room. These homes usually come with a basement. Most residents either have a post and trough outside for their horses, or stable their horses elsewhere.

Decent/Large House – 10,000gp-15,000gp
3-4 bedroom house with several additional rooms including kitchen, dining, living room, activity room, storage, cellar, attic, side stable, etc.

Luxurious Home – 20,000gp+
5+ bedrooms, with several additional rooms, plus added features such as large yard with garden, added expanded stable.

Small Mansion – 50,000gp+
10+ bedrooms with a dozen or more additional rooms many of which are spacious. Mansion usually include a seperate stable area for horses and transportation, a luxurious garden and yard, water features, and most heroic mansions include at least one trophy room.

Businesses and ventures may be purchased (or invested in) in order to increase your wealth. Like real property, the government of the Red Queen generally taxes 10% of income listed below. Sometimes they may tax more…rarely if ever they tax less.

Small Business – 2,500gp (income +100gp/mo.)

Medium Business – 5,000gp (income +200gp/mo.)

Large Business – 10,000gp (income +500gp/mo.)

Ventures and Real Estate

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