Tyn's Contacts

Tyn has several contacts she made throughout her years as a halfling adventurer. Now as her criminal empire comes together, she needs to acquire more and more servants and henchmen to work under her in order to spread the tendrils of her power and influence.

Zvran, Elf Rogue
Zvran has been Tyn’s loyal apprentice working diligently gathering information and plans in order to rob, steal, and cheat the rich of their money. Zvran auto aids Tyn on one Thievery roll, or grants a re-roll.

Chadwich Half-Fingers, Halfling Rogue
Chadwich is more about gathering information than thieving…although 1/2 of thieving is gathering intelligence. Once upon a time though, Chadwich was caught stealing out of the cookie jar… hence why half the fingers on the left hand are only half the length they should be. Chadwich is often considered “the man with the plan”, well, not the actual plan of how to get something done, but rather, the plans of the inside of an estate or the plans of the inside of a safe, or the plans on where the secret treasure was hidden, etc. etc.

Sir Jeffery, the Lethargic Gnome, Gnome Rogue
Sir Jeffery is notorious for getting by unnoticed, mainly because he sleeps his way (sleeps as in asleep not sleaze) past guards and sentries alike. Although he is tall as a gnome, most people forget him right away as he just looks so plain, sometimes like a girl, or a little boy with a beard, that no one really pays him much heed…hence, his pure awesomeness in breaking into places. Sir Jeffery often works close with Chadwich on criminal runs.

Lady Croft, Fine Purveyor of Artifacts
Lady Croft is a well known artifact hunter…relic hunter, or whatever you want to call her. Okay, many people call her thief, raider, desecrator of tombs and sacred places, and temples…what Lady Croft don’t care…she’s bad ass that way. Anyhow, Tyn comes to Lady Croft to get the latest news on artifacts and relics across the realm.

Doc Singed, Old Creepy Scientist Alchemist Guy, ala “Candy” Brewer
Umm, Doc Singed is an alchemist who brews potions, chemicals, and all sorts of other weird stuff that turns the color of flesh to a putrid green when inhaled. No one knows what exactly Doc Singed puts into his concoctions, but he definitely can brew up some mean drugs… like explosive drugs, or trippy drugs, or knock out drugs…

Tyn's Contacts

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