Tibber's Specific Powers

Tibbers FireFlesh Golem

Summoning Ritual
The Tibbers summoning ritual is a two part ritual.

The first segment requires the creation of a 2×2 summoning circle in which it cost 50gp + 10xLv of caster worth of casting materials (140gp at lv9). This ritual takes about 10 minutes and costs the caster 2 Healing Surges. At the end of the ritual, the essence of the ritual is burned deeply into an Arcane Fire Core (a small red crystal) which costs an additional 100gp. The Arcane Fire Core lasts “indefinitely” but only one Tibbers Fire Core can be active at a time.

The second segment requires the caster to actually summon Tibbers. This requires two turns of full round action (Standard, Move, and Minor) and the summoner is so deep in concentration that she grants combat advantage. At the time of summon it also cost the caster 1 Healing Surge, and she may choose to burn 1 additional Healing Surge to give Tibbers 30 THP (temporary hit points last until completely expended). At the end of the two turns of summoning, Tibbers is summoned but may not act until the following turn. Summoning Tibbers consumed the Arcane Fire Core and 1 Daily Spell.

Tibbers FireFlesh Golem

HP 150 (+ 10 Hp/lv hereafter)
Sv 30
DR 4 (+ 5 DR vs. Fire)
AC 18 + ½ Lv (23)
Fort 19 + ½ Lv (24)
Ref 14 + ½ Lv (19)
Will 16 + ½ Lv (21)

Initiative as Annie’s
Mv/Spd 6 may not Shift

X Slam Attack
Melee R2, Standard Action
+14 vs. AC, 2d8 +6 dmg
If Hit, may KB target d6 spaces, or KD (but they may sv. to remain standing)

X Double Slam
Melee R2, Standard + Move Action
Make two Slam Attacks
If both hit same target auto KD OR throw d6 spaces.

Tibbers Quake Slam (must be purchased)
Burst 1 (around Tibbers), Standard + Move Action
+12 vs. Fort, d6 +5 dmg
If Hit, opponents are KB 1 space and must sv. or KD.

X Berserk!!!
Immediate Reaction
When Tibbers first goes bloodied during an encounter (75hp), he immediately makes a random attack within a target within reach (allies or enemy). Tibbers will not attack Summoner/Annie.

X Rampage
Melee Charge, Standard Action + Move Action
+ 15 vs. AC 2d8 + 6 dmg (+ 15 includes charge bonus), Recharge 5+
Tibbers moves in a straight line his Speed x2 (12 spaces). Tibbers may move through enemy spaces but will provoke Opportunity Attacks as normal (or as he enters an enemy space). When Tibbers enters any creatures space (ally or not) immediately make a Slam Attack against that target (gain +1 Hit from charge). If Hit, immediately KB 1 or 2 out of Tibbers path (move side ways out), and target also immediately saves vs. KD after they are pushed out of Tibbers path. At the end of Tibbers movement, any enemy M or L sized immediately is KB out of Tibbers spaces. If Tibbers runs into a larger sized creature, he cannot move into its space.

X Crazed Frenzy
If Annie/Summoner is knocked unconscious or is more than 20 spaces away from Tibbers, Tibbers goes berserk. Tibbers will attack nearest target until summoner regains control of Tibbers (within 20 spaces). Tibbers will NEVER attack summoner.

Flame Breath (must be purchased)
Close Blast 3×3, Minor Action, Recharge 5+
+10 vs. Ref, d6 +4 dmg, ongoing 5 Fire dmg./Save Ends

Actions Annie may take on behalf of Tibbers

X Self Sacrifice
“For the Bear!”
Standard Action, Healing, Touch Range
Annie burns a Healing Surge, and Tibbers immediately regains 30HP.

X Tibber’s Attack!
Standard Action, Range 5
Annie expends a Standard Action but grants Tibbers an immediate Standard Action

Tibber Upgrades
(cost 1 Insanity each time)

Fierce Attack: Tibbers gain +2 dmg.

Resilient: Once per turn, Tibbers may make a save against one effect at the beginner of his turn. Further, Tibbers may make a save against Stuns and Dazes even if he normally cannot make a save against it.

X Intervene: once per turn, Tibbers may take the attack against an adjacent ally. Must be declared BEFORE attack roll is made.

Toughen Tibbers: Once per encounter Annie, as a Minor Action, may burn a Healing Surge and grant Tibbers +2DR that lasts until the end of the Encounter.’

Quake: See Above

Flame Breath: See Above

Full Flame Tibbers (lv10 pwrs)
Daily, Arcane, Fire, Implement
Standard Action, Minor to Sustain, Range 10
Target: Tibbers
As a Standard Action, and the expenditure of the Flaming Sphere lv1 Daily Spell, and the cost of 2 Healing Surges, and an Arcane Fire Core (100gp), caster may cast Full Flame Tibbers spell. Tibbers begins to burst into flame. Any creature that starts its turn next to Tibbers takes 2d6 + Int bonus fire damage. Caster may sustain Full Flame TIbbers with a minor action until the end of the encounter. Caster must be within Range 10 in order to sustain this power.

Tibber's Specific Powers

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