Certain powers and abilities “Throw” targets. Targets are usually thrown several spaces. They take d6 damage per space thrown, and may reduce the damage by 1/2 if they make a Saving Throw to remaining standing. Otherwise, they take full damage and are knocked prone after the throw.

1. Attacker – Determine how many spaces Thrown.
2. Attacker – Roll d6 damage per space Thrown.
3. Defender – Rolls Saving Throw to remain standing.
4a. Defender – if Save is successful, take 1/2 damage from Throw
4b. Defender – if Save is fail, take full damage from Throw and is now Prone

Defenders trained in either Acrobatics or Athletics may add +1 to the Saving Throw to reduce damage and remaing standing. If they are Skill Focused in either skill they may add +3 (in place of +1) to the Save, and may use the Skill Focus re-roll on the Save.

Defenders one size larger than Thrower may also add +1 to their Save. They also reduce the Throw by 1 space because of their size.

If a thrown target hits an object, they take the throw damage/save as usual, however, the may stop in the square adjacent to the object OR they may break the object and be thrown through it. This is at the GM’s discretion.

Certain abilities (Cat’s Grace and Fall with Grace) further reduce damage from Throws.

Abilities and powers that reduce KB (Knock Back) also reduce Throws (e.g. Dwarf’s Stand Your Ground, pg 36 PHB1).

Example Throw: Alice power charges Red and flies her back several dozen feet. The Power Charge deals 24 damage. Red is thrown 7 spaces from the attack. Alice rolls 7d6 for Thrown damage… 18 damage total. Red is trained in Acrobatics so gets a +1 to get save. Red rolls a 9 but adds +1 from Acrobatics resulting in 10, which is a successful save. Alice’s Thrown damage is reduced to 9 damage instead. Red is wearing a Red Assassin’s Mantle and Magical Leather for a total of 3DR. She only takes 6 damage from the Thrown after mitigating factors. Red still takes 21 damage from the Power Charge (24 – 3DR).


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