Oda's Personal Ventures

Warlord Oda happened to acquire one particular business along his adventures…

The House of Dawn (Brothel/Med Business 200gp/mo. -10% tax)
The House of Dawn is a brothel located in the Boon Docks near the actual Docks. This brothel offers a wide variety of items on their menu, usually sailors and visitors. The Fairy God Madame runs the joint, and if you have any problems, her beefcake fairy bouncers will take you out. Pat the Fairy is known to moonlight as a bouncer at the House of Dawn.

For legitimacy purposes, the House of Dawn is on the books and pays tithe to the Red Queen.

Jenn Candy is a popular elven “companion” who works at the House of Dawn.

Immigration Registration Revenue (Administrative Business/Med Business 200gp/mo. -10% tax)
Oda has set up an immigration registration business that collects fees for legally documenting immigrants coming into Wunderland through the South.

Oda's Personal Ventures

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