Oda's Personal Contacts

Warlord Oda has personal contacts he made before or seperate from his official rank and service to the Red Queen. The following are his known contacts:

Thomas the Worm (Spy)
Thomas is a tall lanky Asian with deep murky black hair. Usually he wears a long trench coat that covers most of his face (usually exposing just his eyes up to his hair. Thomas is an expert spy, able to worm his way deep into enemy territory bribing and breaking his way past defenses to get whatever information is needed. Normal costs for major deep operations range from 200gp-1000gp+.

Raul the Anarchist Garden Gnome (Anarchist/Revolutionary)
Raul was raised on the tropical farms of the south, until one day the Man can and stomped all over his gnomish village. It wasn’t their fault that they were shorter, or smaller, or that the Man was half blind…but in the end, the village was smashed and the Man, yet again, got away with murder, or at least trampling the poor Garden Gnomes of Raul’s ancestry. Raul set up to become a revolutionary, to dismantle, destroy, and defecate on the Man, in this case, the Red Queen.

Hattori San (Sushi Chef, Bladesmith)
Within the Boon Docks lies an unassuming Sushi shop owned and operated by Hattori San, a rather rough and gruff man with has a flare for slicing and serving his sashimi. Beneath the surface though, Hattori is…or rather was a notorious bladesmith. He made some of the best blades in the far East. Unfortunately his gambling debts accumulated to a monstrous mound of death warrants and he fled all the way to Wunderland…under the care of Warlord Oda.

Oda's Personal Contacts

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