Oda Abilities and Powers

Nate, I’m not sure which ability and powers you do have besides the ones marked with an X. Please note or edit the ones you do have by marking them with an X if I missed it. Thanks.

X Dual Strike
Standard Action
Prerequisite: User wields TWO weapons
Make one melee basic attack with your main hand weapon and your offhand weapon.

Triple Strike
While simultaneously striking your foe with your twin blades, you find an opening for a third strike.
Prerequisite: Dual Strike
Move Action, 1 FP, Immediate Reaction
When making a Dual Strike, if both main hand and off hand attacks hit, you may burn your Move Action to make one additional melee attack with either your main or off hand weapon.

Quadruple Strike
Even more deadly, you find an opportunity to slip in one last strike against your opponent.
Prerequisite: Triple Strike, Dual Strike
Minor Action, 1 FP, Immediate Reaction
If your Triple Strike attack hits (after a double hit with Dual Strike), you may burn your Minor Action to make an additional melee attack with either your main or off hand weapon (the one you didn’t use with your Triple Strike attack).

A Dance of Dragons
In a blur of attacks you mow your enemies down before you.
Prerequisite: Triple Strike
Standard + Move + 2 FP
Make two Dual Wield attacks with each weapon. You are able to shift between attacks. Resolve attacks as follows. Main attack + secondary attack, shift 1, then main attack + secondary attack, shift again.

A Storm of Swords
In a flurry of attacks, you whittle down your foe before you.
Standard Action + Move + 3FP, Recharge 5+ (starts encounter uncharged)
Make 2 melee basic attacks each with your main and offhand weapon. You may burn an additional 1FP to make an additional attack with each weapon (1FP for both). If either or both hit, you may burn an additional 1FP to make an attack with the weapon(s) that hit. You may continue to burn FP for additional attacks as long as your weapon hits up to a total of 5 total attacks per weapon (including the first 2 attacks).

Twin Slam
Combining your attacks you slam down your target with both weapons dealing a crushing blow.
Prerequisite: Dual Strike
Standard + 2 FP
Make one attack with main weapon. If hit deal main weapon and secondary weapon damage combined. This counts as one attack when figuring DR. Target may be KB 1 space after attack as long as it is within one size larger than you.

Sweeping Strike
With one sweeping swing, you strike two opponents.
Standard Action + 1 FP
Melee -2 vs. AC
[W] + STR damage
Make one attack against two opponents. The opponents must be within melee reach and must be adjacent to one another. If the attack hits, they both take damage as normal.

Whirlwind Attack
In a blazing swirl of attacks, you strike at every foe around you.
Standard Action, +3 FP
Melee -2 vs. AC, Melee Burst 1,
Target: all adjacent enemies
[W] + Str Damage
Make a melee basic attack with a -2 hit penalty against each enemy adjacent to you. Roll damage once and apply it to all targets hit by the attack.

X Cleave
After striking down one foe you immediately strike at another foe!
Immediate Reaction, Opportunity Action + 1 FP
If you drop a foe in melee (zero or less hit points), you may immediately make a melee basic attack. If you are Nimble, you may expend your Minor Action to shift 1 space before making the attack. You may only Cleave once per round.

Momentous Strike
Minor Action, Melee
If you successfully drop a targeted foe with a melee attack, you may, as a Minor Action, immediately shift into the space of your victim. If you dropped the opponent with a critical strike, you may immediately make a melee basic attack before or after the shift. You do not need to shift to effect the melee basic attack.

Commanding Rally
Through an encouraging command, you help your teammate recover from a crippling effect.
Minor Action, Recharge 5+
As a Minor Action, you grant one of your allies within range 10 an immediate saving throw. They must be able to hear and understand you.

Rally to Me!!!
In the midst of combat, sometimes a commander will call his troops to him!
Move Action, Recharge 5+
As a Move Action, all allies within Range 5 may shift one space closer to you. If your ally disengages from combat as a result of this, they gain a +3 dodge bonus to any attacks against them while they disengage.

Form the Line
Form left flank, form right flank!
Move Action, Close Burst 5, Recharge 5+
Your allies within the burst gain a +1 power bonus to all defenses, and +1 power bonus to attacks as long as they are adjacent to two allies. The effect ends at the beginning of your next turn.

Focus Fire
Left flank, right flank, fire at the ogre…now!
Standard Action, Recharge 5+, 2 FP
As a Standard Action you designate a single target as the focus on your assault. You and all allies within range 10 of you may deal additional +d6 damage to the target with a successful range or melee attack. Allies only gain this bonus once per round. The effect ends at the beginning of your next turn.

Deployment Tactics
Left flank…go right flank!
Move Action, Recharge 6+, starts encounter uncharged, 2FP
As a Move Action, you use your tactical knowledge to direct your allies in battle. A number of allies equal to your Charisma or Intelligence bonus gain an immediate Move Action by expending their Opportunity Action.

Inspirational Discipline
Your training proves successful as your troops remain stalwart despite overwhelming odds.
Allies within range 5 gain a +2 Will Defense bonus against fear and other morale effects. It does not count against charm or other mind-altering effects.

Mounted Combat
With a loyal mount you rush into war with full confidence in your battle beasts abilities.
Mounted Combat is normally considered a feat but may be taken as an ability.
You gain additional bonuses while riding a trained war beast in combat. You gain:

+1 Defense versus non-mounted attackers:
+1 melee attack bonus for having the high ground (unless they are equal height or greater);
+1 to parries and shield blocks versus ranged and/or non-mounted melee attackers.
Mount takes ½ damage from AOE attacks which includes you.
Mount Attack ability.

Mount Attack
You order your mount to make an additional attack against your foe.
Prerequisite: Mounted Combat
Minor Action, comes free with Mounted Combat
You may command your mount to make an attack. Mounts usually only can make one attack a round.

Mounted Charge
You and your loyal mount dash into combat charging and trampling your foes before you.
Prerequisite: Mounted Combat
Standard Action
As with Charge but gain additional +d6 damage if hit and increase max charge distance to Move +Mounts Charge Bonus.
If hit, target makes a save (with Stability bonus) or is knocked prone. You may only knock prone targets that are up to one size larger than your mount. Some weapons deal additional damage when used during a mounted charge.

You ride by your foe swinging to take their head off, your mount then carries you to safety right after.
Prerequisite: Mounted Combat
Move + Standard Action
You may opt to make a ride by attack. Move into melee reach range, make a basic melee attack, and continue your mounted move. However, any enemies may still make Opportunity Attacks against you.

X Morale Boost
Minor Action, Squad Tactics Ability
Once per Encounter, you may boost the morale of one “minion squad” within LOS and within 10 spaces. Each member of that squad within range gains 5 temporary Hit Points.

X Double March
“Hut 2, 3, 4, 5….6, 7, 8, 9, 10.”
Minor Action, Squad Tactics Ability
Once per Encounter, you may force one squad within LOS and within 10 spaces to make one additional free Move. The entire squad must be within range and every member of the squad must make the Move. The Move is a standard Move and cannot be a Shift or other form of Move Action ability.

Oda Abilities and Powers

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