Max's Contacts

Max, a well known warlock, is well known and has…at least a few friends.

The Unicorns
The baby blue and pink Unicorns call upon Max once in a while when they perform special time travel space-time warp things…that can easily destroy the fabric of time. However, Max can dream the future, and they have him test if the future will be destroyed if they happen to send minions back in time to err, acquire things.

Natalia Portlynot, Masked Female Assassin Anarchist
Natalia wears a mask with a moustache on it, Gods only know why. Natalia is filled with rage and anger as in her previous life, sometimes really had happened…to someone, some place, for some reason. How her life was affected no one really knows (she might be a little crazy…). She is a loner and wants to spend most of her time in the underground sewers of Heart City…where she works on her “special project”… no one really knows what her project is. She also is VERY rich, definitely not from all her assassination attempts…since she rarely contracts out. And whatever you do, don’t tell her she’s portly, or she’ll gut ya alive!

The Green Mouse, Spirit Animal
Max has recently acquired a spirit animal…a Green Mouse. He’s usually kinda sick. Mostly from all the junk food he overeats. He often can be found in the shady side of town…in the back alleys in a dumpster somewhere eating leftover food that was thrown out…probably because it went bad. But apparently the Green Mouse claims it’s “green”, recyling, eat perfectly good food that was thrown out, even if there’s mold on it or it’s starting to liquify or whatever.

Jenn Candy, Companion at the House of Dawn
Jenn Candy is one of the most beautiful “companions” who work at the House of Dawn in the Boon Docks. Max frequently visits with her to regain his morale and to boost his spirits.

Max's Contacts

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