Max's Abilities and Powers

Mike, anything marked with an X Max already possesses. Since Max is a new character, please feel free to give me any new ideas for what additional powers and abilitie you want (homebrew wise) to help “buff” him up. For now, Max will get Prophetic Dreams, Dodge, and Mage Shield for free.

X Prophetic Dreams
Max has the ability to dream prophetic dreams. Although blurry, and sometimes with squiggly lines, or in black and white instead of color, from time to time maddening dreams come to Max forcing a glimpse of what “may” be the future impaled into his memories. He usually wakes in a sweat, and may even suffer some mild insanity for it. The Star beings are generous and often like the share their knowledge with Max, poor Max.

X Dodge
You missed =)
Defensive Action, Opportunity Action,
Immediate Interrupt
You may dodge an attack against you. When you are hit by a melee or ranged attack, you may immediately dodge to avoid the attack. If your dodge roll is equal to or greater than the attack roll, you successfully dodge the attack. If you are attacked by an area effect (like a flame blast) you may attempt to successfully dodge for half damage. You may normally Dodge as many times as your Dodge rating (usually one) per Round. If you “hold” your Move Action you may use it as an additional Dodge. The Move Action Dodge does not cost an Opportunity Action.

Dodge = d20 + ½ level + Dex Bonus + 5 + any additional dodge bonuses; may apply OA defense bonus if struck by an OA.

Dispel Magic
Encounter (2x), Arcane, Implement
Standard Action, Range 10, costs 1 Daily Power, 1 Healing Surge
Target: One magic conjuration, zone, enchantment, etc.
As a Standard Action, and the expenditure of one unused Daily Power spell, you may target a magical zone, enchantment, or even conjuration and dispel it. Make a Dispel Magic Roll vs. Dispel Magic Defense

Dispel Magic Roll = d20 + ½ level + Intelligence Bonus + Implement Bonus + Level of Daily Spell expended.
Dispel Magic Defense = Caster’s Will Defense + Level of Spell to be dispelled.

If hit, the target is stunned or made inert until the end of its next turn.
At end of the next turn, target makes a save. If fail, the target becomes dispelled. If it saves, it becomes unstunned/inert.
Caster/Summoner may attempt to challenge the Dispel. As a Standard Action within range 5 the summoner may grant the target an additional save. If successful the target is undispeled at the end of its turn. If failed, the target gets to make a save at the end of its turn as normal.

X Mage Shield
The dazzling eldritch blast slams into an invisible magical shield surrounding the mage, trickles of colorful magical energy slowly floats down impotently around her.
Immediate Interrupt, Opportunity Action
Once per round, you may make a defensive roll against one attack against you. If successful, the attack is blocked. If not, you are hit as normal. This uses up the mages Opportunity Action. Mage Shield is not considered a Defensive Shield.

Mage Shield = d20 + ½ Level + Intelligence Bonus + Implement Bonus +3

Magic Resistance
Prerequisite: Mage Shield
Immediate Reaction
If you are hit by an Arcane attack, you may immediately make a save against it. If you save you take only ½ damage from the attack.

Anti-Magic Shield
Prerequisite: Mage Shield
Standard Action, Recharge 5+, Defensive Shield
As a Standard Action, you may cast Anti-Magic Shield around yourself. When you are hit by an Arcane attack you may immediately sacrifice the Anti-Magic Shield to absorb the attack. The shield can absorb up to 25 damage. Apply the Anti-Magic Shield AFTER Mage Shield but before Magic Resistance. The Anti-Magic Shield may only be used to block one attack, once it is used it becomes expended. You may only have one “Defensive Shield” active at a time.

Max's Abilities and Powers

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