Kiwi's Contacts

Kiwi… a shard from the Great Gate that once guarded against the many dark creatures of the Abyss in the planes of Who Cares… now a Psion Warrior deep in the realm of the Red Queen, serving as not only a soldier, but also as a Negotiator and Mediator…of Peace and Destruction.

Fiddler’s Green
Fiddler’s Green is a special place within Dreamland. There is a place of rainbows and daffidils, of butterflies and lady beetles. Fiddler’s Green is a soft meadow always graced with sunlight and happy thoughts where little girls and elven boys (and girls) come to dream in their happy place. It is a safe haven from dark nightmares, and the clutches of the King of Dreams.

Matthew the Raven
Matthew the Raven is spiritual animal of Kiwi. Matthew phases in and out of Dreamland. Kiwi is able to hear, mind read, and communicate via talking or telepathy, and see through Matthew’s senses. For the most part, Matthew has his own missions deliverying dreams and making sure the right dream goes to the right dreamer, but time to time he has a few moment’s to spare his “material” companion.

King of Dreams (and Pop) NO LONGER CONTACT
The King of Dreams is an ecentric individual who likes to sing and dance…and collect the dreams of people around the world and slowly devour them…savoring the happiness, the sadness, the loneliness, the joys of humanity and whatever else he can get his hands on.

Butler Frederick, Butler Assassin NO LONGER CONTACT
The Butler Frederick is the personal butler of the King of Dreams. However, once in a while when enforcement needs to take place in the Dreamland, Frederick is called to do the dirty deed. Kiki had made friends with Frederick on more than one occasion as Kiwi frequents the courts of the King of Dreams…often.

Kiwi's Contacts

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