Kiwi's Abilities and Powers

Matt, all powers marked with an X are already known by Kiwi. Can you please check if you use Intelligence or Charisma for your powers. For some reason I had made them Charisma based but I think all Psions use Intelligence for attack. Kiwi also gains Dodge as a free ability.

X Mind Reader
At-Will, Standard Action, Range 5
For the most part you are able to read another’s mind, at least their surface thoughts. If they are trying to resist you or are blocking out intrusions into their head, you can make a Charisma vs. Will attack (you get Implement bonus) to penetrate their thoughts. Once you’re in a person’s mind, make an Insight check vs. their Will to dig up information.

X Dream Sleep
Daily, Psychic, Implement
Standard Action, Range 20, Burst 2 (5×5),
Target: each creature in burst
Attack: Intelligence vs. Will
Hit: Target is slowed (SvE). If the target fails its first saving throw against this power, the target becomes unconscious (SvE).
Miss: Target is slowed (SvE).
Augment 1: Target(s) suffers a -1 to save.
Augment 2: Target(s) suffers a -3 to save.

X Eye of the Day Dreamer
Encounter, Psychic, Implement, Conjuration
Standard Action, Max Range 20, Sustained Minor
You create a small floating eye that you may use to see and hear through. The eye is summoned adjacent to you and it does not occupy any spaces. As a Move Action, you may float the eye 4 spaces. As a Move Action you may also Stealth the eye using your Stealth skill. You may make Perception checks through the eye to detect and search for things. Enemies and opponents may attack the eye. The eye has defenses equal to you, the caster. It only has 1hp, so if it is hit, it dissipates.

X False Awakening
Encounter, Psychic, Implement
Immediate Interrupt, Range 10
Trigger: One Creature that just saved against Stun or Dazed or is coming out of Stun Daze
Target: One Creature who is Stunned or Dazed
Attack: Intelligence vs. Will
Hit: Target remains in Stun/Daze until Save Ends.
Miss: Target remains in Stun/Daze until the beginning of their next turn.

X Shadow Walk (Warlock Ability, PHB1 pg 131)
On your turn, if you move at least 3 squares away from where you started your turn, you gain concealment until the end of your next turn. Concealment penalizes attackers with a -2 to their attack roll.

X Dodge
You missed =)
Defensive Action, Opportunity Action,
Immediate Interrupt
You may dodge an attack against you. When you are hit by a melee or ranged attack, you may immediately dodge to avoid the attack. If your dodge roll is equal to or greater than the attack roll, you successfully dodge the attack. If you are attacked by an area effect (like a flame blast) you may attempt to successfully dodge for half damage. You may normally Dodge as many times as your Dodge rating (usually one) per Round. If you “hold” your Move Action you may use it as an additional Dodge. The Move Action Dodge does not cost an Opportunity Action.

Dodge = d20 + ½ level + Dex Bonus + 5 + any additional dodge bonuses; may apply OA defense bonus if struck by an OA.

Dream Phase
Do-do-do-do ~ do-do-do-do ~ Do-d-do-do
Move Action, 1 Psi Power Point
You burn a Move action and teleport yourself up to 5 spaces away.

Trance Possession
Concentrating, you send a foe into a deep trance sleep and take over their body.
At-Will, Psychic, Implement
Standard Action, 2 Psi Power Point, 1 Healing Surge
Target: 1 Creature (living that can dream) within Range 10
Attack: Intelligence vs. Will
Hit: Target is Stunned and starting your next turn you may take control of its actions thus possessing it. After your first turn of possession, target may make a Saving Throw to break free of possession. You may burn Psi Power Points to reduce the Save by 2, and/or burn a Psi Power Point to force a save re-roll (if you burned a point to reduce the save, it carries over to the re-roll). Once the target breaks free, it is immediately Stunned until the end of its next turn. In order to possess and keep the target under your control, you must sustain it each turn with all your actions. You cannot burn AP while possessing a target through Trance.
Miss: Target is Stunned until the beginning of your next turn.

X Phase to Dreamlands
With a blink of an eye, or a shard, you enter the Dreamland.
Encounter, Standard, Move, + Minor Action + 1 HS
Spending a Standard, a Move, and Minor action, and burning a Healing Surge, you phase yourself into the Dreamlands. Likewise, you can phase yourself back to the real world with similar actions and another Healing Surge, however this is an Encounter power so you must wait 5 minutes between phases. Please note your body phases to the Dreamlands… when you return, you return to the exact spot you phased from.

X Two Tickets to Paradise
With a handful of feathers, and three pinches of sand, you bring your friends with you to the Dreamlands.
Ritual, 1 Hour, 250gp worth of mats +50 gold per ally taken.
With the ritual completed, and your friend asleep (they must be asleep to enter the Dreamlands), you burn a healing surge per person (including yourself) to enter into the Dreamlands. Likewise, returning to the real world you must burn a Healing Surge and spend a full round action to phase one of your friends (or yourself) back. When entering Dreamland, only the Dream Soul of your allies enters the Dreamlands, their bodies remain in the material world. Your body, however, enters into the Dreamlands too much like the Phase to Dreamlands ability.

Kiwi's Abilities and Powers

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