Characters can perform extraordinary actions through power moves or feat abilities. A character has as many fatigue points as they have Constitution + Con Modifier. Once they exceed their Point of Exhaustion (usually half of total fatigue rounded down) the character becomes Exhausted and suffers a -2 to attacks and skills.

Characters can regain Fatigue by “Catching their Breath”. A Standard Action will restore 1 FP. A Standard + Move + Minor will restore d3 FP. A Second Wind will restore d6 FP.

Catching your Breath

Standard Action = 1 FP
Std + Mv +Mnr = d3 FP
Second Wind = d6 FP

The first time a character goes Bloodied during combat, drop their total Fatigue Pool by 2 points. This does not lower the Exhausted point. For each time a character drops to zero or below, drop their total Fatigue Pool by 1 point.

When a character reaches ZERO Fatigue, they immediately becomes Stunned at the end of their turn. Next turn they MUST burn their Standard, Move, and Minor Action to regain d3 Fatigue.

If a character is trained in Endurance, they get + 1 Fatigue any time they get to recover a d3 or more Fatigue points. If a character is Skill Focused in Endurance, they get + 2 (instead of + 1) when recovering d6 Fatigue points. Skill Focused re-rolls may be used to re-roll Fatigue recovered.

Example: Ramma the Llama has a Con score of 16 (+ 3 bonus). His Fatigue is 19 (16 + 3). His Point of Exhaustion is 9 (19/2 = 9.5 round down). So Ramma the Llamma can burn 10 Fatigue points and not be Exhausted. Once he burns 11 points he will only have 8 Fatigue points left and he becomes Exhausted.

Example: Ramma has burned 3 Fatigue during combat (16/19). He becomes Bloodied so loses 2pts from his total pool of 19 to 17. Ramma takes a full turn to regain d3 Fatigue. He rolls a 3. However since his pool has been reduced to 17, he only gains 1 and now has 17/17 Fatigue.

After a Short Rest characters will regain all their Fatigue, and gain all their Fatigue pool back unless otherwise noted.

Added Notes: Once Characters have become truly powerful (lv10) they gain the following ability:

Energy builds around the character as vital power is regenerated.
Standard Action, 1 Healing Surge
At the cost of a Healing Surge, you regain d6 Fatigue.

The following powers and abilities may be purchased starting at lv10.

Energy Surge
Through a critical strike, your morale and energy is renewed!
When you successfully crit (hit target) you regain d3 Fatigue.

Energy Regeneration
Brimming with vitality, you relentlessly renew your strength.
Encounter, Minor Action, 2 Healing Surge
Using a Minor Action, you expend 1 Healing Surge. Until you are knocked unconscious, at the beginning of each turn roll a d6. On a 5 or 6 you regain 1 Fatigue.


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