Dorothy, the Warden of the North, is a great heroine of the realm, known as the slayer of the Wicked Witch of the East and “She who tamed” Emerald City. During the Emerald War Dorothy, along with the Alice Prime, Red Prime, Goldilocks, and several others helped the Red Queen in open war against the forces of the Wizard of Oz. It was her particular strike team that was able to to infiltrate deep into Emerald City and plant the Jabberwocky Summoning Runes in order to precisely land the great beast deep into the heart of the enemy.

After the war, Dorothy had a falling out with her women-at-arms. Many were openly opposed to the tyranny of the Red Queen, and thought the Queen had changed choosing to rule through terror and threats rather than benevolence of the White Queen (who was assassinated by Emerald Spies). Alice and Dorothy sided with the Queen and became foundational in the forces the Queen raised. Goldilock disappeared while Red Prime formed her own organization. Pippi returned to the seas while Bo Peep and Muffet were never to be seen again.

For her loyalty and her combat prowess Dorothy was named the Warden of the North (one of the few non-knights named as Warden). She oversees the VAST expanse of the North including all of what once was the Emerald Kingdom (which actually is about the same size as Wunderland, just that the map I use is highly distorted), the Candy Mountain Kingdom, and other domains to the North including the North Wall. Dorothy has since become withdrawn, almost “retired” in a sense. She has named several other Knights to run her daily business… including but not limited to…

The Knight Matthews (Far North)
The Knight Alexandra (Candy Mountain)
The Knight Jervais (Emerald City)
The Knight Posh (Emerald Territory not including the City)
and several smaller ranked knights to over see cities etc.

So what does Dorothy do these days? She mostly stays at her country estate, formerly the site of the hut of the Wicked Witch of the East. She is a known avid sewer, and she loves knitting able to knit tons of sweaters and other goods out very fast. She is guarded by her personal retinue (who from time to time goes out and enforces for her)…

The Brave Lion – known as a juicer, he is buff and ready to rip things apart.
The Iron Man – with a heart of a gorilla, this golem is charged with super nuclear power.
The SCAREcrow – functions much like a Bishop
The Toto – a small dog that is able to grow 100x its size… and it speaks.
Red 013 – A Red Ridinghood Assassin hired and assigned to guard Dorothy.

Her retinue is further buttressed by about 300 of her elite guard.


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