Annie's Contacts

Annie Hastur has grown up. Along the way she made some friends…well, “friends”.

The Unicorns
The Baby Blue and Pink Unicorn are forever bonded to Annie, as they now possess her kidneys, one each. They are her masters, and Annie must do their bidding. What do they really want? No one really knows…but they claim to be the ones who will stop the Armageddon.

Hermaine, Instructor of Wandcraft at the Magic Academy
Hermaine was once a fellow student with Annie at the Magic Academy. She acted as Annie’s big sister, showing young child Annie the ways of the world, and the ways of the wand…often experiments in wand duels along with their friends Harold and Ronaldo. Becoming quite proficient with wands, Hermaine now teaches at the magic Academy.

Captain Chris, Fire Brigade Portal Town
Captain Chris is the Fire Chief of the Fire Brigade in Portal Town… he knows Annie from the various umm, accidents she leaves for the poor citizens of the town. Since getting to know her, Captain Chris has err, been burned quite a few times from rather heated exchanges. But, they now consider each other “friends”, often with benefits as Captain Chris no longer fines Annie for pouring on the heat or forcing him to use his hose to end the situation is a wet mess.

Annie's Contacts

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