Amber, the Pumpkin Witch

Amber, the Pumpkin Witch, is a lively happy witch, the master of the brew, and well known for her baked goods. She calls herself the Pumpkin Witch because she often wears a mix between orange and black and she loves pumpkins. She is NOT, I repeat NOT, shaped like a pumpkin. She currently serves as the Apothocary of the South End’s Barracks at Portal Town, often fixing people up after they are wounded in local bar brawls, badger attacks, or dragon stompings.

You may purchase the following from her although she may have a limited supply. Just ask!

Pumpkin Power Juice/Orange Heal Pot – 25gp, burn 1 HS, heal 10hp. Great for minion troops.

Red Healing Potion – 50gp, burn 1 HS, heal 1 SV.

Super Healing Potion – 75gp, burn 1 HS, heal 1 SV +2d6hp.

Purple Power Potion – 100gp, burn 1 HS, gain 1 AP. Must use before end of Encounter. No more than 1 AP can be used in a Round.

Happy Happy Pumpkin Pie – 75gp, burn 1 HS, regain 2d4 Fatigue points.

Note: Healing Pots and items are a Minor Action to pull out (unless you have Quick Draw or equivalent ability), and another Minor Action to take. You can feed an item to a comrade but this will draw an Opportunity of Attack. Taking a potion yourself will not prompt an OA.

Amber, the Pumpkin Witch

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