The Madness of Wunderland

The Raid of Redwall Abbey (2)

For the second time Warlord Oda and his gang of inquisitors storm Redwall Abbey… but before that, something dark and inhumane happened.

Upon hearing that the rebel Aang and his two-thousand troops were trapped down at the Meechon Quarry by three-thousand of the Diamond Army troops, Warlord Oda marched another three-thousand troops over to join the Knight Jensen (Diamond) to quell the rebellion. However, the Queen had sent one of her Bishops, the Bishop Misha… who offered Oda a Jabberwocky summoning stone. Oda immediately pressed the proper runes and tossed the stone deep into the depth of the quarry.

Ten minutes later a huge dark shape fell from the heavens smashing into the quarry raining stone, dust, and debris everywhere. When the clouds of chaos finally subsided Oda and his retinue could see a huge bipedal bird like creature with two thick arms ending in claws destroying the rebel forces. The creature would spray acid from its mouth melting all who were unlucky enough to avoid the liquid death. The Jabberwocky grabbed the poor air bison, biting its head off, and spitting it into crowds of fleeing rebel troops. It stomped on both the boy in blue and girl in green in their feebles attempts at hurting the large avatar of evil. The creature continued its attack, drowning the girl in blue in a sea of acid, and finally grabbing hold of and gobbling down the little bald boy, Aang, the leader of the rebellion. After the battle the Jabberwocky flew off returning to whatever hell it lives in…leaving a pit of poisonous gas forever closing down the quarry for safe use.

After the massacre, Warlord Oda, taking three-thousand of the Diamond troopers, marched to Redwall Abbey to “investigate” a series of rumors that the mouslings there were heretical and were planning to betray the Queen. After countless hours of interrogating the mice, Warlord Oda declared that the mice were not heretics, at least not THIS TIME…. Instead though, Ferdinand, the Bard, engaged in certain activities with Annie and now the young woman is in love… taking away two fine roses from the nicely groomed mousling. Meanwhile, Jett, the rogue of the Abbey, has offered pertinent information on how to take out Dorothy, the Warden of the North. Likewise, Lara, the adventurous acheological mousling has offered information on more pages of the Necrophelianomicon to Annie…

When next we meet Warlord Oda and gang will assault Dorothy…and he henchmen and minions…



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