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(please note War Rooks are actually Spades not Diamonds, my bad)

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Madness ensues as the protagonists strive for power, fame, and influence as they become more and more insane through a power grab within the realm of Wunderland.

This story features Warlord Oda, the Warden of the South and Knight and Servant of the Red Queen. Oda’s ambitious push continues as he makes power grabs for more wealth and clout in this crazy land. Oda claims to be a master of the katana and wakazashi, blades from his motherland. However, many a survivors who fought against him challenge otherwise…that he is not quite a master of what he claims to be.

Warlord Oda is accompanied by Annie Hastur, the Darkfyre Witch, who is a notorious necromantic pyromancer. Rumors have it that she secretly studies the Necrophelianomicon the Book of the Sexy Dead. Any who do not fear her need only tremble at Tibbers, her giant undead bear toy-thing…quite scary.

His retinue is enhanced by Tyn, or Mistress Tyn, the very sexy halfling…specialist. Mistress Tyn is a mastermind of the underground, secretly a member of the Blue Butterfly organization. Tyn has expanded her influence over several businesses and is making a name for herself amongst the criminals and those of ill repute.

Then there is Alice… an Alice unit summoned during a battle against the Rogue Red Assassin and her werewolf Warwick whose attacks saw the retirement of the Warrior Louie. Alice recently is slowly regaining her memories… glimpses and glances of who she was, and clues revealed and why and how she became an Alice.

The retinue also includes Kiwi, the Rainbow Disco Ball Mind-Shard Psion, or the Rainbow Dream Warrior. Kiwi is the master of diplomacy as Kiwi can not only read minds and communicate telepathically, but also dive deep into another’s dream and manipulate their outlook on life through careful intervention of the subconscious. Kiwi serves as a minion of the King of Dreams and Pop who may secretly be a molester.

Two new members have recently joined the team. Lance BassArwen was a martyred elven hero at the Battle of the Rainbow Unicorn Power, and the Keeper of the Last of the Armageddon Ponies. Through a time jump Lance was brought to his future and now works with the heroes…well, we don’t really know why he’s here. Meanwhile, Max Arthos has joined the team. Max is a half-elven warlock proficient in the ways of prophecy as he calls upon the powers of the stars to guide his way.

These are the heroes, or villains of the Madness of Wunderland. May you keep your sanity intact if you dare to read on…

Ps…this is modified D&D4e campaign. Since the rules are rather bland and dry (especially magic items), many many homebrew rules have been added because 4th Edition is just not doing it for this GM (not DM).

Our games are held the at Monday Nights sponored by Other Realms at the Ward Warehouse in Honolulu, Hawaii.

All artwork is original artwork by Ming Chi, he knows they look kiddie, but that’s because he grew up chewing on the crayons

The Madness of Wunderland

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